Automotive voorbeeldenThe TCT-cooling is very suitable as cooling-engine in regular airco's and climate control. The TCT-unit (cooling-engine) is very light and compact. This is very valuable in the automotive-sector. When correctly assembled, the performance of the Top-Cool Technology will outmatch alternatives.


New vehicles, petrol, diesel, gas, hybride, fuelcel, and electric cars Retro-fit: Old-timers, as replacement of defect coolingsystems Gadgets; Can-cooler, seat-cooling and warming, drivewheel-cooling.

Trademan's van:

Possibilities: Cooling interieur, cooling of cargo and products, food products (freshproducts like cheese, meat, vegetables, fruit)


Possibilities: Airco/Climat-control, Freezer, Refrigerator, cold-water supply.


Possibilities: Cooling of cargo and products, Airco/Climat-control driver and cabin.

Industrial vehicles:

Forklifts, tractors, agriculture vehicles, crane vehicles, schovels, streetclening machine and many others.

Remaining vehicles:

Golf-car, elektrical vehicles, sche auto's, vehicles for invalid people, and others.