PC/Server and control units

The cooling of PCs, servers and related components is becoming more important. With the TCT-unit as coolengine a powerful and compact solution can be created that makes sure systems do not get overheated. Definitely for overclockers is this a perfect solution to get more out of their processor. With this active cooling system you are able to get significant better performances then what is achievable when u use water cooling. This cooler is not confined to the processor only. Components like the graphic card can be cooled perfectly with the unit aswell.

The TCT-unit is already equipped with a 6-pin PCI connector that can be connected straight to the nurture.

Built in of a TCT in a high-end computer TCT-unit with PCI cable

TCT inbouwPCTCT PCI-kabel

TCT-unit with pumps in 2x 5 1/4 lock (double drive)

TCT double-driveTCT-unit Asus

The TCT-unit is a perfect completion on existing watercooling for PCs and related products. Through simply place a coolengine and a pump in the existing system a significant better cooling can be achieved. The TCT-unit is very compact and does already fit into the space v5 1/4 lock (single drive)

Difference standard watercooling and TCT watercooling

Verschil water-TCT