The Top-Cool Technology is very suitable for interiour projects. Because the cooling is very powerful and very compact this design offers different kinds of possibilities. The components of the coolingsystem are very compact, so they can always be removed into "empty spaces". Besides this technique is also very silent and can easily be applicated in the bedroom. Cooperation with interior builder and developer of smartfurnishing like Qozy will bear a fantastic product.

Qozy bedroom furniture

Qozi bedThis concept is foreseen of a Cool-Space (cooled drawer next to the bed to store for example medicines and cooled drinks). Besides there is developed a Cooling-Breeze for Qozy. This system lets a soft but pleasant cooled blanket of filtered air fall over the bed for a very pleasant sleaping experience.


Qozi cooling-breezeBecause of an outwards rotating panel a gap is created so a cold airflow can fall over the bed as a fresh blanket. The system is very silent and is experienced as very pleasant by the user. Top-Cool developed a coolsystem of which the technique is eradicated in the design piece of furniture. The system can be set with a remote control and besides is able to heat also.


Qozi cool-spaceWith one press against the drawer or press the button on the remote control the drawer comes out automatically. The drawer has a volume of about 40 litre and is cooled by an extremely quiet coolsystem that is developed by Top-Cool. Of course the cooling technique is invisible but also inaudible.

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Nijboer Design & Interieur

In cooperation with Nijboer some exclusive wine cabinets are developed. These wine cabinets can be put together to a complete wall that gives a superior charisma to the interior. The wine cabinets can besides be used as stand-alone.


Also other cooled cabinets can be engineered with the same technique, for example this cheese cupboard.


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