Medical & Laboratory

For the medical industries and the pharmaceutical laboratories is cooling also important. Think about the transportation of organs, microscopic sections and more. To make sure these products dont go to waste it is important that they kept cool even while being transporter form one lab to the other. That's why we of Top-Cool are allways thinking about possibilities to maintain an accurate temperature while transporting these products. A system that is easy to control and accurate can be very valuable to these companies.For controlling the cooling/heating system the current to the unit can be adjusted for direct response in the cooling/heating power.
Examples: Chillers, electronic hardware, cabinets, preparation cooling and special products.

Preparation Cool-trolley

This trolley is special developed to store and transport preparations and microscopic sections. It is necessary to provide a good allround cold transfer with stainless steel interior walls. The design is developed in co-operation with our design/engineering  partner MAZE-engineering. The design is made up from scratch, engineerd in 3D and finally realised, tested and produced.