Besides the function of cooling the Peltier system can be applied to heat. The components of the system remain the same. By simply switching the electric power, the cold and warmth components are turned around and the same system works as a heating device.
Because the system can cool and heat within the same room this can create a lot of advantages for example for horeca and catering industries that will serve food.

The combination of cooling and heating is ideal if the desired temperature has to be above or below ambient temperature. This is for example ideal for the process industry, where a accurate and regular temperature is preserved.

Heating with high efficiency:

When the application is used for heating it can heat with a high efficiency, about 200%. This can never be accomplished with any other electric heating system. This is possible because the Peltier system with the Top-Cool Technology works as a heat pump. Not only the electric energy is converted into heat, warmth energy from the surroundings is released as well. This makes the system extra interesting.