Lifetime expectation

Besides the increased performance and efficiency, Top-Cool  also has researched how to increase the lifetime expectation of Peltier elements.

Because Peltier elements only have a long lifetime when there not under stress Top-Cool has invented  solution for this problem by giving the Peltier elements a way to "flow" inside the system. Thanks to this invention Top-Cool expanded the lifetime of the current Peltier elements.

In conventional systems the Peltier elements are clamped between hard metal parts because they must make maximum contact with the heatsinks. Because of this , it is almost impossible to clamp the Peltier elements that all surfaces are equally tensioned, without extra local stresses. In these areas there is extra risk for little cracks in the Peltier surface. These cracks can result in a total break of the module and the total cooling system. Also when the
elements are warmed up and cool down, they expand and shrink. These micro-movements can also increase the change of fracture, especially on long terms.

The Top-Cool Technology places the Peltier Elements flexible in rubber. This eliminates the mechanical stresses on the elements, so they can freely expand and shrink, what increases the lifetime expectation.
When the Peltier elements are also used in shocking applications, the rubber absorbs the shocks and movements which maintains the lifetime expectation.

This is again an improvement  when using Peltier elements and is directly implemented in the Top-Cool Technology.