Total coolingsystem

See below for an animation of a schematic example of a total cooling system with TCT:

See also a version of the Show-model.

TCT koelsysteem

The TCT-unit is the base of the cooling system and has 4 connections. Warm-in and warm-out, and cold-in and cold-out. Two low pressure pumps take care of the circulation of liquid (like water). The conduction of the cold and heat energy can be positioned on a random position. Tubing allows flexible positioning of the conduction units. The heat as well as the cold energy can be realised with different kinds of conduction units. (the shown example contains a radiator with a fan).

The cold and heat conduction of the Top-Cool Technology can be realised with different components. See examples below:

Examples warm side:

Radiator with fan
Passive radiator
Heat exchanger
Waste water
Hybride system (connection to other system)

Example cold side:

Radiator with fan
Passive radiator
Plate radiator
Cold water tank
Cold spiral
Cold bin
Heat exchanger
Cold tubings
Cold seat
Cold tapwater
Dubble side construction (creative forms)
Hybride system (connection to other system)
In principle "every sealed spacing" for fluids

Examples power supplies:

Solar cells
Motor generator