How it works

The Top-Cool technology makes useof the so called Peltier elements. These elements are directly cooled with water. This will result in a optimum energy transfer that will lead to maximum efficiency. Because the Peltier elements are assembled in flexible rubber gaskets  we can ensure a longer lifetime of these elements

Below u will see the working principle of the Top-Cool technologyâ„¢

Patented Top-Cool Technology

TCT werking

The Top-Cool Technology transfers the cold and warm energy optimal wich will result in maximum performance of the Peltier elements and minimum loss of energy.

Because Peltier elements produce cold and warm energy the energy will be transfered with the use of a circulating fluid(like water) to ensure a limited heat conduction to the cold site of the Peltier element. This will result in a significant temperature difference and improved cooling performances compared to other thermoelectric cooling systems.

Where a conventional Peltier system has a bad efficiency and performance level because of the heat being conducted trough the material to the cold side of the Peltier element the Top-Cool Technology has a maximum cooling performance thanks to the elemimination of this disadvantage.

Conventional Peltier Technics

Conventionele Peltier Techniek

As u can see above a conventional Peltier System transfers the heat energy not properly. This results in a heat conduction to the cold side of the element and therefore the performance is limited significantly!